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Penn Yan Village Office
111 Elm St, PO Box 426
Penn Yan, NY 14527

(315) 536-3015
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Village of Penn Yan Services


Photograph by Jack Kidd
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Yates County Chamber of Commerce

MUB Office
111 Elm Street
Phone 315-536-3374
Fax 315-536-5866
Brent Bodine

Bill Jensen

Karen Fox

Tamara Marchionda

Dorothy Allen

Laurie Schroeder

Christine Mickelsen
Director of Public Works

Assistant Director

Senior Typist

Senior Account Clerk

Principal Account Clerk Typist

Account Clerk

Account Clerk

Phone 315-536-3374
Fax 315-536-7241
Jefry Bodine

Donald King
Charlie Bush
Michael Mullins
Line Crew Chief

Electric Groundsperson

Electric Rates
Residential (per meter, per month)
Customer Service Charge

Energy Charge (per KWH)
$ 1.55

April - November

December - March (first 1250 KWH)

December - March (over 1250 KWH)
$ 0.0307

$ 0.0307

$ 0.0577

Small Commercial (per meter, per month)
Customer Service Charge

Energy Charge (per KWH)
$ 2.32

April - November

December - March
$ 0.0392

$ 0.0545

Industrial (per meter, per month)
Demand Charge (per KW)

Energy Charge (per KWH)
$ 3.87

$ 0.0178

Security Outdoor Lighting (per fixture per month)



1000W MV/HPS
$  9.56

$ 12.67

$ 17.41

$ 28.95

Public Street Lighting (per fixture per month)
Facility Charge

Energy Charge (per KWH)
$  9.34

$ 0.0199

Wastewater Treatment
Phone 315-536-3374
Fax 315-531-9316
Bengt Sward

Michael Naylor
Kurt Gilbert
Stephen Castner
Wastewater Plant Chief Operator

Plant Operator
Plant Mechanic
Plant Operator Trainee

Water / Sewer
Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
Phone 315-536-3374
Fax 315-536-5096
Christina Galliher

David Cohick
Tim Logan

Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator

Plant Operator
Plant Operator

Water & Sewer
Phone 315-536-3374
Fax 315-536-7241

Ronald Keech

Chad Covell
Donald Dixon
Jeffrey Hulse
Brad Braman
John Tusch

Working Supervisor

Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Worker
Utilities Service Worker
Meter Reader Technician
Water and Sewer Rates
  2014-2015 Water & Sewer Rate Structure (PDF 8 KB)
  2013-2014 Water & Sewer Rate Structure (PDF 8 KB)
  2012-2013 Water & Sewer Rate Structure (PDF 51 KB)
  2011-2012 Water & Sewer Rate Structure (PDF 79 KB)

111 Elm St.
Penn Yan, NY, 14527
Administrative 315-536-4426
Emergency     911
The Penn Yan Police Department provides 24 hour on duty police services 365 days a year for the residents of Penn Yan. The department features a highly visible road patrol that is capable of arriving within minutes to emergency complaints in the village.

The Penn Yan Police Department is committed to offering professional police services to all residents regardless of race, color, creed or economic status.
  NEW: Police/Sheriff & Court Services
Yates County & Penn Yan Shared Services Study

Mark Hulse
Police Chief

Michael Donovan

Kirk Crandall
Thomas Dunham
Justin Hamm
Jeffrey Stewart

Brandon Dehond
James Maciejewski
Wayne Marsh
Patrick McKnight
Jeffrey Morehouse

Daniel Irwin
Andrews Moesch
James Mullins

Jeffrey Dawes
Kristy Pedder



P/T Officer
P/T Officer
P/T Officer

School Resource Officer
Confidential Asst. to the Police Chief

Jeff Housel

Mike Clancy
Bill LaRock
Fire Chief

1st Asst. Chief
2nd Asst. Chief
3rd Asst. Chief

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